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Jason Howard is killing it on TREES.  First issue is out May 27.  We just wrapped issue 5.  Look at the cover for issue 5 now.

This is an ambient / haunted music podcast curated by Warren Ellis.

Excuse the pause.  Computer issues.  Now learning how to do this all over again on a new laptop.  Please forgive any weirdness: I’ll soon find out what I did wrong.  We begin again with a short one, and a new logotone by Dirty Knobs.  (Search for them at Bandcamp.)  

1.  logotone

2.  ”Departing” - Kemper Norton (album: To Mahina)

3.  ”fury” - Loscil   (album: Fury and Hecla)

4.  ”Pleuston (reprise)” - Burnished Verdigris (album: Pleuston)

5.  ”Airhouse” - Jonas Reinhardt   (album: Ganymede)

6.  ”Lungs” - Good Weather For An Airstrike  (album: A Home For You)


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