"At around the same time, someone told me about an app called Cardiio, which could read your heart rate with the iPhone camera"

"It is a year after my first trial at Possible Futures Festival at Vooruit 100, of serving the extremely invasive plant Japanese knotweed that fortuitously happen to taste of rhubarb, as cakes. Enabled by the management of Timelab and participating in launching the Flemish Food Council, I wanted to reframe invasive species as local delicacies. After much awaiting, the project has finally managed to match a sustainable source of invasive raw knotweed ingredients to supply for the Cake artisan Julie’s House."

"…although Marko had been working on the book for a while, its final stages of development would end up coinciding with the sale of Nokia’s devices and services division to Microsoft. So the book would also be destined to serve as a kind of informal footnote to a defining modern era—the first wave of mainstream mobile phones, led by Nokia, which has left a mark on pretty much all of us." 

“It’s a document called “NEW BRITISH MODERN”, fleshing out the aesthetic foundations for Little Printer, and very directly sketching out the product as an outcome of Britishness. Not in a “James Bond and the Queen in a helicopter” kind of way, but more subtly, with colour palettes, forms, conditions. As a document, it’s partly just the flotsam from a design process but it’s also an extraordinary act of curation, almost the DNA of what would be a great exhibition. It’s images and movies peppered with little notes-to-self like “calm radii, human forms but industrial processes, little tapers, warm earthy oranges, geometric but not cold …”, annotating a roll-call of reference points, drawing freely from the last century, and which if not all strictly British in provenance, certainly are in influence. Some of it predictable, some of it unlikely, all of it poetically accreting to build a highly consistent yet rich identity.”

"Futurematic is a design jam to fill a vending machine with artifacts from the future. Participants will conceptualize and execute designs for the objects, focusing mostly on packaging design and rapid prototyping as ways of exploring possible futures. The jam will also include an opportunity to play the Situation Lab’s brand-new imaginary objects card game, “The Thing from the Future.”"