"Futurematic is a design jam to fill a vending machine with artifacts from the future. Participants will conceptualize and execute designs for the objects, focusing mostly on packaging design and rapid prototyping as ways of exploring possible futures. The jam will also include an opportunity to play the Situation Lab’s brand-new imaginary objects card game, “The Thing from the Future.”"

"Q U B E is a handmade Rubik’s Cube with QR-Codes – a physical object that links to pages containing digital content: videos, audio files (music!), images and text. The idea here was to reintroduce some form of physical, human, ‘hands-on’ engagement with post-physical content, rather than pander to the ubiquity of one-finger DOWNLOAD culture."

video calling as “always-on, ambient, background presence.” I love it when BERG do these breakdowns.