Someone asked me to make this rebloggable.  Sorry for the repeat.

Do you ever get an absolutely brilliant idea for a story and then suddenly go mindblank about what to right next?

Yes.  This is why I always have a folder called LOOSE IDEAS.  When the idea sounds fun but the writing goes dead, it goes into a text file with a hopefully-helpful title and the text file gets tossed into LOOSE IDEAS.


Because 1) one day you’ll be writing something and think, huh, I had an idea once that might help here, and if you don’t write it down, you won’t be able to go and look for it when you need it.  And 2) not every story idea has legs.  Sometimes, they turn out to be more effective as part of something else.

Stephen King has said something to the effect of, if you forget an idea you had, then it can’t have been good enough to remember.  This only works if you’re Stephen King.  If you are not Stephen King, don’t try it.  Write that shit down and file it.  Go back and read through that folder every now and then.  A different you will have different perspectives on archived material.  You may see the way out of the blank wall you hit.