A Full Circle Rainbow over Australia via NASA http://ift.tt/YK2ZQn

"Media has become responsive architecture. Intelligent media artefacts are now embedded into the very fabric of our existence; they have become the structure of society itself. Ubiquitous computing creates informational environments in which material structures of communication become alive with agency. McLuhan’s light bulb is now everyware: [1] technology that mediates by its mere presence"

Sunrise at Mission Control England for October 01, 2014 at 06:57AM!

The day’s High is 69F with a Low of 56F. Current conditions are Partly Cloudy.

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Hunter Gatherer Jewelry and ambient musician Lykanthea are pleased to announce the release of the Migration Capsule Collection. This limited edition collection fuses Hunter Gatherer’s signature matte black copper cuffs with words inspired by lyrics from Lykanthea’s new EP Migration. Each handmade, limited edition piece of this unisex assemblage is a reminder to abandon identity, remember the transformations we’ve undergone and look out for those to come.

Limited Edition of 6 Each.

Pre-Orders available now at huntergathererjewelry.bigcartel.com.

Listen + Download ‘Migration’ via www.lykanthea.bandcamp.com

Video/Remix by Daniel Tovar/Aisthemata

An exciting new chapter in the world of Lykanthea: my capsule collection with huntergathererchicago. Preorder now at huntergathererjewelry.bigcartel.com and download the EP for free from
www.lykanthea.bandcamp.com. Thanks to aisthemata for the gorgeous video.

Ghostek - Saudade by ThePhuzz

""The discovery of thousands of stone artefacts preserved at this unique site provides a major new insight into how Stone Age tools developed during a period of profound human behavioural and biological change", said Dr Blockley. "The people who lived there 325,000 years ago were much more innovative than previously thought, using a combination of two different technologies to make tools that were extremely important for the mobile hunter-gatherers of the time."

9h 28m of sleep logged

9h 28m of sleep logged

It took 6m to fall asleep
Fell asleep September 30, 2014 at 03:46AM
Restless 11 times
Awoken 0 times
Awoke at September 30, 2014 at 01:29PM

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