9h 28m of sleep logged

9h 28m of sleep logged

It took 6m to fall asleep
Fell asleep September 30, 2014 at 03:46AM
Restless 11 times
Awoken 0 times
Awoke at September 30, 2014 at 01:29PM

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Unusual Rocks near Pahrump Hills on Mars via NASA http://ift.tt/1qMzGmG

Sunset at Sea Fort England for September 30, 2014 at 06:36PM

The day’s High was 69F with a Low of 57F. Current conditions are Partly Cloudy.

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This is what we consider as the beginning. The awakening of your Wolftress spirit starts in the comfort of your home. The place where you feel most safe and where familiar surroundings bring you to your roots. Wolftress is the primitive spirit that has lived within you from the beginning of time always fighting to be true, to be released and set free. Connected to the world around Guardians and warriors of all the worlds beauty. We are all part of a pack and it’s only when we are true to our self that the Wolftress within will awaken. Move to the beat of a different drum. Dream, love, laugh, travel, learn and release the inner wild. The Wolftress Awakening Continues… This film was put together by the most amazing Wolftress Warriors Photography by the talented Josh Hedge Film by Gino Zem Makeup by Lauren Petersen Modelled by Phoebe Abbott and Riva Thomson from The Wolves Agency - See more at: http://ift.tt/YEtTJC Wolftress Awakening… Wolftress

MANAGED RETREAT magazine: because I am so Southern English I exude fog.

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"NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is monitoring the evolution of a mysterious feature in a large hydrocarbon sea on Saturn’s moon Titan. The feature covers an area of about 100 square miles (260 square kilometers) in Ligeia Mare, one of the largest seas on Titan. It has now been observed twice by Cassini’s radar experiment, but its appearance changed between the two apparitions."

Ello Darkness My Old Friend

Ello Darkness My Old Friend

Okay,  last post about Ello for a while, and my one and only bad Ello gag, I promise.  Not least because I was told recently that someone is at ello.co/isitmeyourelookingfor, and that’s pretty much unbeatable.

But last night my friend Anab was saying that the Ello design felt much like “plunging into a deep dark hole of melancholia” for her.  And I realised that that may be what I like best about…

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"As a child, Klaus Schmidt used to grub around in caves in his native Germany in the hope of finding prehistoric paintings. Thirty years later, a member of the German Archaeological Institute, he found something infinitely more important: a temple complex almost twice as old as anything comparable on the planet."